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Take part and get involved! For solidarity and social justice. Against weapon exports and military interventions. For a better democracy and a fair distribution of the wealth.

Activist Meetings

Das Activist-Meetings Activist meetings take place every Thursday from 19:00. In these meetings you can take part in discussing various political issues, as well as planning and preparing for future demonstrations and events. The meetings are open to all those who wish to change the world for the better, regardless of whether you are a party member or not. We are convieniently located at Heinz Renner Haus, Severinstraße 1, two streets behind the Rathaus Gallerie.

DIE LINKE. Essen – in different areas.

Our workshops are currently not yet present in all districts, but this should change.

Please click on the list, right, and select your district to find out about upcoming events and contact information.

Members in Rüttenscheid (Rüttenscheid, Rellinghausen, Bergerhausen & Stadtwald)

Die Stadtteilgruppe Rüttenscheid meet up every first Thursday of the month, in Rheinischen Hof Essen-Rüttenscheid (Hedwigstraße 11 am Rü-Stern). Get into contact with Sonja Neuhaus to find out more or come along  to a meeting.

Essen-West (Frohnhausen, Holsterhausen, Altendorf, Fulerum, Haarzopf & Margarethenhöhe)

The provisional contact person for the group in the Essen-West district is Heike Kretschner. You can reach Heike at Severinstr 1, 45127, Essen. Alternatively you can reach Heike by Email here Email.

This group will meet up on the: 22nd Februar, 22nd March, 26th April, 31st May,  and 28th June at 19 Uhr in Haus Kalthoff, Lenbachstraße 3, 45147 Essen. You can find further dates by clicking here.

Become active now

You can take part with Die Link, even without being a member of the party. Come along to one of the meetings or send us an E-Mail, WhatsApp message or give us a call.

linksjugend ['solid] ruhr (Youth organisation)

The group linksjugend [’solid] meet on Tuesdays from 18.30 at Heinz-Renner-Haus onSeverinstr. 1, behind the Rathaus. You can reach the group by Email here. Or through their Facebook page here.

Working Groups

Working groups are groups, within a district, who work together on specific issues. They are open to all members and those interested. The are currently three working groups within the district association.

Bus, trains and Trams

This group concerns itself with public transport in Essen. From fare-free public transport to more modern and new public transport concepts, many things get worked on here. The workshops meet ever first and third Tuesday of the month at Heinz Renner Haus at 18:30. You can inquire further by mail here.

Essener Morgen (Newspaper)

Essener Morgen (Newspaper)

This is our very own district newspaper, appearing, on average, every quarter. The editors meet at irregular intervals. They can be reached by email here.

Education Policy

The education policy group is currently being established.


Come to our meetings at Heinz Renner Haus


Monday 5.30 p.m. – 9 p.m. Fraktionssitzung

Tueyday 6.30 p.m. linksjugend (Youth Organisation)

Thursday 7 p.m. Activists Meeting


Every 1st and 3rd Thursday,  6.30 p.m. AK ÖPNV (Public Transport Working Group)

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 6 p.m. Kreisvorstand

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